How to enjoy cannabis-infused products without totally freaking out.

So you want to try Lucky Edibles for the first time, but you’re weary of the effects? Start by reading our step-by-step guide on how to properly consume Lucky Edibles.

While no one has ever reportedly died from cannabis overconsumption, it is important to understand how to properly dose yourself. The industry standards in variance for edible products is 15% above or below labeled THC dosage. While this may not sound like a large difference in potency, 15% can be the difference between feeling little to no effect or having an edible-induced anxiety attack. This is why it is important to choose a company’s products who are consistent and reliable.

Many believe that smoking (or vaping) cannabis is the safer method of consumption due to the seemingly instantaneous effects, but this isn’t always the case.  Even when smoking flower, the potency can vary dramatically from strain to strain.   Accurate dosing with variable potency levels is almost impossible.  If you are an experienced user, this isn’t a big deal because you have a high tolerance and already know your limits.  But, if you are a novice, how do you know who much to smoke?  How many puffs to take?  With Lucky, you’ll know exactly what dose you’re getting each and every time.  This will help you to explore your own tolerance.  

With Lucky Edibles the days of edible roulette are over. We pride ourselves on having a max of 5% variance from mint-to-mint so you can have a predictable and enjoyable experience each time. Even with our unparalleled consistency, we urge everyone to consume responsibly and it starts with following the Lucky Edibles Guide to Infused Mint Consumption.

STEP 1: Start Small

The suggested serving size for Lucky Edibles is one 10mg mint, however, this can be too much for less-experienced consumers. If you are not sure of your comfort level, don’t hesitate to break your flavored mint in half for a smaller dosage as the THC is evenly distributed throughout each mint. Once you have your desired amount of mint, pop it in your mouth and chew for an explosion of great flavor.

STEP 2: Take it Slow

The time it takes to feel the effects of edibles can vary from person to person. In some cases, it can take more than an hour to feel the effects, which then builds up slowly over time before descending. Check the time on a clock and monitor your high before deciding to consume more of the product. Don’t keep taking more if you aren’t feeling the effects right away.  We call this stacking, and will lead to an unpleasant experience.  It helps to plan your max dose ahead of time.

STEP 3: Be Responsible

We do not suggest consuming alcohol in conjunction with taking edibles, as it can intensify the effects of both and lead to an unpleasant experience. If you decide to indulge in an alcoholic beverage, please be extremely cautious.  We also do not recommend operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of edibles as they can alter your perception and reflexes.

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